July 29th, 2005

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday and I hope your job interview went great! I really wanted to write you something, but the muses utterly failed to cooperate. ::smacks Sam and Daniel::
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happy happy happy

I wish I had some sort of creative endeavor to post for you, Amy, but at the moment, I don't. So, I'm just going to wish you a very very happy birthday - may the coming year bring you a fabulous new job, new city, and the most beautiful wedding ever! Love you, and can't wait to see you next month!
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a birthday ficlet

Happiest of happy birthdays, Amy! Love you dearly and so glad we have become better acquainted over time!

This is a little Wyatt ficlet for you! Remember the story I wrote for you during the I Miss Chris ficathon? This is set in that universe - but earlier on.

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Colts Manning Family

Happy Birthday, A!

I'm currently still arguing with my muses. There's a bit of an uproar going on here. Hee! But they are all in agreement that they will figure this out and write you SOMETHING! *hugs*

So consider this an IOU... one OC fic!


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!